Wednesday, 2 November 2016

How take HD photos with mobile phone

Not everyone can afford to buy expensive cameras, and hence often depend on their Android cameras. However, although some have excellent cameras, others lack their camera set up. However, there is a trick that the Android smartphone users can try in order to click better and clear pictures when in motion almost like that of a DSLR camera. Here's how to turn your Android phone into a DSLR and avoid capturing pictures with motion blur.
#1 Download Camera FV-5 Lite App 
The first thing that the user needs to do is download this app called Camera FV-5 Lite for the Google Play Store.

 #2 Launch it to the Device Launch the app on your  
This is a camera app, and hence the user is required to launch the app into a interface.
#3 Select the 'S' Icon There are various option icons placed in the camera interface of this app including P and S. Clicking on the P icon, the users can see a Program Mode options on the left of the screen whereas to change the settings to shoot a video the user needs to click on S icon.
#4 Set the Shutter Speed Settings After tapping on the S icon, the user needs to set the shutter speed of their device's camera by selecting the time for which the shutter will remain open to capture a clear picture. The timing can be either 1 second, 2 second or any other depending on the situation and requirement.
#5 Avoid Clicking Motion Blurry PicturesNow the user has been redirected to the normal camera UI. All that has to be done now is a focus and click clear pictures, and avoid motion blurry images. 

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