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OMG..!!!Next Genration ....Apple Iphone 8 Stunning Design Revealed....Anniversary of iPhone8

iPhone 8 latest rumours - release date, UK price and features: Anniversary iPhone to have 5.8in OLED screen and 3D face scanner, but curved glass

How much will the iPhone 8 cost in the UK?

We're speculating for now, of course, as the iPhone 7 has only recently gone on sale. Whether Apple will introduce a price increase for the potentially special iPhone 8 is anyone's guess. However, the iPhone 7 price jumped up to £599 in the UK thanks to Brexit and we hope that it will stay the same with next year's anniversary model. However, in light of the latest leaks, the 'anniversary' model seems to be an ultra-premium device that could cost more than any iPhone yet. At least one report claims it will be more than $1000 in the US.
Although one analyst predicts the iPhone 8 will be the best selling model ever - with up to 150m sales - another is worried that following the anniversary edition, Apple will see a possible 10 year slump afterwards.
It is believed that moving to OLED for the iPhone 8 will push up costs as much as $50m for Apple, eating into the firm's profit margin. Whether the firm takes the hit and keeps the price of the phone the same or not remains to be seen.

 The iPhone 7 has only been on sale for a while, but all we seem to be hearing are rumours about the iPhone 8. We think Apple might well be holding back some major updates and improvements for the iPhone 8, which - if the rumours are true - will be launched on the 10th anniverary of the first iPhone. Here we round up the rumours about the iPhone 8 release date, price, features and specifications.

Hang on a minute, shouldn't the next iPhone be the iPhone 7s? It still could be. Leaks and more rumours are pointing to not one but three new iPhones, two of which may well be branded as iPhone 7s and 7s Plus models. The main launch, though, would be the flagship, 10th anniversary iPhone '8'.
We'd be surprised if Apple goes for that naming convention, however, and other rumours say it  could even be called simply 'The iPhone', or iPhone Pro, but for now we'll stick to calling it the iPhone 8 for simplicity.

Update 3 March: A new report from analysts at TrendForce - and another from AppleInsider - says that the iPhone 8 won't have two heavily rumoured features: wireless charging and a screen with curved edges. Based on information from the iPhone supply chain, TrendForce said, "Apple will not implement the curved display design for the high-end iPhone because there are issues with the 3D glass in terms of production yield and drop test results. Thus, the next high-end iPhone is expected to have the same 2.5D glass for display cover as the current models.".
On wireless charging, AppleInsider obtained information from Cowen and Company which reckons that the long-range wireless charging system which Apple is working on won't feature in the iPhone 8. What's more likely - as  detailed below - is that the phone will use a similar system to current phones that support Qi wireless charging. This means you'll have to put the phone on a charger, just as with the Apple Watch.
The third new piece of news is that KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo refutes other reports saying Apple will use USB-C instead of Lightning on the iPhone 8 in order to introduce fast charging. Via TechTimes, he says that Apple will make a few power-management tweaks to enable the battery to be charged faster when using a Lightning cable.
Here's a summary of what to expect from the iPhone 8:
  • iOS 11 software

  • 5.8in edge-to-edge screen with no bezels and no physical home button

  • 3D front-facing camera could replace Touch ID

  • Long-range wireless charging - may not come until 2018

  • Apple A11 processor

  • 64- or 256GB with 3GB RAM

  • Latest Intel LTE modem

  • Possible change in case material to glass or ceramic - or just glass back

That's the main specs covered, but here are the other rumours:

  • The main logic board will be in two pieces instead of the traditional one

  • Apple may move the SIM tray to the bottom edge (this could be to allow room for other internal components or to include a Smart Connector)

  • Quick charging will be supported when using a cable

  • New speaker design could make the phone the thinnest ever

  • It will use an OLED screen from Samsung .

  • Facial recognition in addition to fingerprint scanner

  • Laser sensor for gesture recognition -


    Apple iPhone 8 Price In Saudi Arabia

     Saudi Arabia people have exceptional endearment for the Apple iPhones, and they are curious in knowing the price of iPhone 8 in Saudi Arabia.

    So, the price list is given below remember, there will be three variants of iPhone 8 in 2017 and the storage options will remain same as they are in iPhone 7. Apple will retain same prices with iPhone 8 primary and iPhone 8 Plus premium as the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus cost you. On the other hand, iPhone 8 Ferrari is quite expensive if we compare it with other two models because those models would get only minor updates whereas iPhone 8 Ferrari will be packed with enormous features and specifications.

    iPhone 832 GBSR 2438.67
    iPhone 8128 GBSR 2813.85
    iPhone 8256 GBSR 3189.03
    iPhone 8 Plus32 GBSR2813.85
    iPhone 8 Plus128 GBSR3189.03
    iPhone 8 Plus256 GBSR 3564.21
    iPhone 8 Ferrari32 GBSR3751.80
    iPhone 8 Ferrari128 GBSR4126.98
    iPhone 8 Ferrari256 GBSR4502.16


    iPhone 8 Price in USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Worldwide & iPhone 8 Plus

    CountryiPhone 8 Price
    iPhone 8 Price in USA1100 USD
    iPhone8 Price in India70000 INR
    Price in United Kingdom770 Pound
    Price in Canada1590 CAD
    Price in Dubai4040 Dirham
    Price in Australia1589 AUD
    Price in China7235 Yuan
    Price in Japan128700 YEN
    Price in Indonesia15290000 Rupiah
    Update: In India Apple has recently set up an iPhone manufacturing unit which may result in lowering the price of upcoming Apple iPhone’s in India. As most of the parts are going to manufactured in-house. So, this will be less customs and that result in cheaper iPhone’s in India.




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