Thursday, 9 March 2017

POKEMON PRO Go’s REVOLUTION..!!! Numbers have blasted 2016-17

Pokémon Go is unlikely to be released in China thanks to the strict regulations there. That didn't stop an enterprising developer from creating a version that will be playable in the country, though it doesn't look anything as polished as the real game.
While we're sure the developer did its best to replicate a similar experience, the Pokémon in the game look something like a cross between a preschooler's drawings and Pokémon seen through the lens of someone who's had a bit too much to drink.
As far as we can tell, the game plays the way the original does: with Pokémon balls to throw at the virtual beasties to catch them. The game isn't actually trying to be a Pokémon replacement, instead calling itself a Pokéballs trainer,  in case you need help figuring out just how to lob balls to catch them all.
The only way China gamers can play the game is probably by downloading Android emulators or using GPS spoofing on their phones to fool the app into thinking a player is anywhere but China. 
Besides China, India has also not received the game as yet - it's unclear right now why India is not on the official countries for Pokémon despite the clamour from players in the country.

Pokémon Go... numbers have started falling, but here I am, still playing Pokémon Go. I think I might even still be playing by the end of the year 

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