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WOW CAN YOU REALLY MAKE MONEY..!!! Most Inspirational Bloggers Their Earning ...What Will About Story be About..!!



                          WHAT  WILL YOUR STORY BE ABOUT                                          

                                            1) Blog – Tech Crunch


                                         Name – Michael Arrington

Age – 40 years

Earning – $8,00,000 per Month

Topics – Sillicon valley startups

Alexa Rank – 355


Visitors 26 million page views per month

Twitter followers – 1.5 million

Advertising methods -Adsense , Banner Ads,Text advertising


 2. Pete CashMore

                                 2)Blog- Mashable

Earning – $6,00,000 Per Month

Topics – Social media

Alexa Rank – 281

Age – 26 Years

Launched – 2005

Monthly Page Views25 million

Twitter Followers – 2 million


                                       3)- Jake Dobkin

                                   3)Blog- Gothamist

Name – Jake Dobkin

Earning $1,10,000

TopicsNew York city life and events

Founded – 2003

Revenue source – Double Click

Page views – 3.6 Million per month

Almost 75% of the visitor in his blog comes from the richest part on earth (New York) and that's the reason behind his high income instead of low visitor statistics.


                               4)- Malini Agarwal

Name –Malini Agarwal

  -: Blog –

-: Alexa Rank of – 7200

-:Page Views per day – 5 lacs

-: Estimated Ad sense Revenue – $30,000 / Month

 -:Founded – 2008

About – 

35 something Malini Agarwal is the number one female blogger of the country. She is the Perez Hilton of India. Her blog commands highest readership by any individual blogger in India. 

She blogs about Bollywood and has managed to crack a top spot amidst of so many spam blogs of Bollywood Niche. She started this blog as a part time hobby in 2008 , but as the viewership rose she left her job at Channel V to go for full time stint at her dream project. 

                                  5. Saurabh Saha

                                  Name- Saurabh saha

-: Blog –

-: Alexa Rank of – 12,000

-: Page Views per day – 90,000

-: Estimated Ad sense Revenue – $32,000 / Month

About –

 Saurav saha is in 3rd year of Delhi University pursuing bachelors in Computer science. He is just 20 year old and is earning this huge sum from Google per month via adsense. He started his blog in December 2012 and have written 1,600 articles so far.

  The list is endless and i could have added more here but the point is that there is no point spending time reading about persons who made it big.

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