Sunday, 12 March 2017

Youtube shortcuts that you should know .....which makes your experience better

Amazing You tube Hacks That'll Make Your Video Watching Experience Faster

"Success has no shortcuts but YouTube has"

YouTube is a videos related website in which you can like any video , comments on that and  subscribe to any channel. there offline feature in very popular now a days. 

But YouTube has many features, tricks, hacks.
         In this post I am going to tell you..

 Read this full post for learning some special tips and tricks that YouTube has.                  

       1. How to Download YouTube videos

Before I start this hack , i just want to tell you . Many of my friends are asking that how can we download any video from YouTube.
Guys the solution is here.

You are watching a video and you likes it but  if you want to show that video to your friends then problem occurs. 

    You want to Download that video but for this you will have to visit many sites.
you know I have a better solution.


play any video , go to URL

like this ( https;// )

replace "youtube" from the URL 
Put "ssyoutube"  in the URL, 

then select the quality you want. 

After this your video has been downloaded.


         2. How to Download a YouTube audio

If you think you can only watch the video on YouTube, You are wrong . You can download any audio you want from YouTube.

Remove the "youtube" from the URL and put  "listentoyoutube" as shown in the picture and then see the Magic.

    3. How to Block YouTube advertisements 

I don't like the advertisements, if you are like me

Remove the "youtube" from the URL and put 
 "youtubeskip" in the URL .

             4. How to turn the video into GIF

A Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is very popular in social networking sites like Facebook and what's app.

So if u want to Make a GIF out of the YouTube video,

Remove the "youtube" from the URL and put 

        5.How to remove the age restrictions

Some of the YouTube videos are combined with the age.
The age restriction problem always matter.


Remove the "youtube" from the URL and put "nsfwyoutube" 

  to play the video on the loop

Consider the process of Removing "youtube" with "listenonrepeat" in the URL and  there will be no intermissio occur.

               7.How to line-up all the videos from a specific YouTube channel

If i like any video from YouTube. I always go to that channel and watched all the videos.
So if you are like me, this hack is for you too .

Add "&list=UL" to any video's URL and it will create a meta playlist containing all the video uploads by the uploader, in chronological order.
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