Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Jio is back with a new Second tariff plans, Jio Dhan Dana Dhan, refuses to admit the heat for shutdown of its Summer Surprise plans

Reliance Jio is on a tariff plan spree, the new telecom operator has been coming out with new tariff plans one after the other with the word FREE splashed all across the plains. The newest tariff plan from Jio is called Jio Dhan Dana Dhan.  

The new tariff plan provides special recharge benefits to Jio customers in which they can enjoy unlimited data and voice benefits for 3 months (84 days). With one-time recharge amount of Rs. 303, Jio ‘Prime members’ get 1GB data per day, unlimited local, STD, national roaming voice calls & SMS and access to Jio Premium apps. With a one-time recharge of Rs. 509 customers can get 2GB data per day, unlimited local, STD, national roaming voice calls & SMS and access to Jio Premium apps. 

In case you are not a Jio Prime member, you can recharge with Rs. 408 or Rs. 608 and enjoy the above benefits.


This is the new plan from Jio and yet another quest to hold on tight to the over 100 million subscribers that the 4G player has been able to pull in with the longest running free trial that started from 5th of September.

 Right after the ‘Happy New Year’ plan ended on 31st of March, Jio announced its Summer Surprise tariff plan for the Jio Prime Members which was essentially free services till July with Just Rs. 303, but Jio had to discontinue the plan as the telecom regulator TRAI intervened in the matter and ordered Jio to stop the free services. Now Jio is back with a new plan called Dhan Dana 

Dhan where the customers have to pay just a few extra rupees than the previous plan and get to use all Jio services for for free for three months straight. While the plan is out and Jio is asking customers to get on board this new plan, we will have to see what the telecom regulator has to say about the Jio latest tariff plan.


A new set of tariff plans soon to maintain the 100 million subscriber mark


Mukesh Ambani led telecom operator had announced a Jio Prime membership where the consumers can continue to avail the same services for Rs. 99 upfront payment and Rs. 303 monthly fee. Jio claims that 50 million subscribers out of the over 100 million subscribers have come on board the Jio Prime membership program.

In the next couple of days starting from 1st of April, the company will study consumer behavior on three key aspects, someone aware of the situation said. 

Firstly, apart from the subscribers who have taken up the Jio prime offer, Jio will see how many have opted for tariff plans , as of now minimum monthly tariff plan from Jio starts from Rs. 149, secondly, the company will look at how many subscribers are looking to port out, as in the subscribers who would keep the same number and move on to another operator and thirdly how many subscribers have no intention of using Jio services at all and have discarded their sim. 

These three factors from behavior study of the current Jio subscribers are likely to shape the new set of tariff plans that Jio may announce. Jio is likely to announce the new plans within a couple of days in order to retain the number of subscribers that the company acquired with their long running free services.


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