Monday, 10 April 2017

Latest and upcoming games for Android in 2017

Batman: Arkham Underworld

It lets you play as the villains. You’ll be recruiting bad guys, building a hideout, raiding the hideouts of other players, and completing levels with your team. It’s a mix of an adventure game and a castle builder. As such, your heroes will gain new abilities, there is PvP online multiplayer, and you can play with friends if you want to. It is a freemium game and that means it comes with some of the pitfalls you’d expect. It also has a few bugs here and there that still need fixed. Otherwise, it’s a good way to kill a few minutes.
Super Mario Run
it’s the first time that Mario has left the Nintendo Kingdom for a holiday on iOS and Android islands.

Super Mario Run on Android, allowing interested users to sign-up for Google Play release date notifications. There’s no word on a specific release date yet, but we imagine it’ll be made available by Spring 2017, around three months after the listing appeared
Release date: iOS available now, Android available March
Expected upcoming Updates
Clash of Clans

·         Clan War Tournaments
·         A new laboratory named as Dark laboratory where we can upgrade all dark elixir troops and dark spells
·         Attacks using the sea
These are only expected updates.
Real racing 3
1.       Showing reaction times on drag racing events.
2.       Add more top tier cars like:
·         Koenigsegg One:1
·         Ferrari FXXK
·         McLaren P1 GTR
·         9ff GT8 Vmax
·         Bugatti Veyro Super Sport World record edtion
·         Hennessey Venom GT world fastest edition
·         SSC Tuatara
Subway Surfers

The next upgrade of the game is going to be VANCOUVER.

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