Monday, 29 May 2017

After ransomware, another cyber attack - Judy malware potentially hits upto 36.5 millions android users


A new malware called 'Judy' is now infecting thousands and thousands of Android smartphones globally near on the heels of 'WannaCry' conserving PCs at ransom, says a document.
According to protection answers company Check Point, the malware — Judy — uses inflamed gadgets to generate big quantities of fraudulent clicks on commercials, producing revenues for the perpetrators behind it.
The total spread of the malware campaign on Google Play (Google's respectable app store) can also have reached among 8.Five and 36.Five million users, Check Point stated on its weblog.

What is Judy?

It is a spyware that is used to generate fraudulent clicks to benefit revenue. It generates false clicks on affected gadgets. Almost forty one apps are spreading this malware and 'Judy the chef' is the common individual amongst them. Hence, it's far known as Judy.

How broadly has it spread?

There are forty one apps advanced through Korean studio Estudio which can be spreading the Judy malware. There are other developers that are spreading it as nicely. The Checkpoint weblog said the malware is predicted to be downloaded on round 18.5 million gadgets. Upto 36.5 million gadgets may be tormented by it. Some of these apps were on the Google Play save for a long time.

How does it works?

The fraudulent apps act as bridges to connect the person's tool to the adware server. Once the connection is hooked up, the malware imitates itself as a PC browser to open a web page and generate clicks.

To ensure that you are safe

Google has removed 41 Android apps from the legitimate Play Store. You can check  the list of the removed apps to ensure that you are safe. The list is given below :

·       Fashion Judy: Snow Queen style
·       Animal Judy: Persian cat care
·       Fashion Judy: Pretty rapper
·       Fashion Judy: Teacher style
·       Animal Judy: Dragon care
·       Chef Judy: Halloween Cookies
·       Fashion Judy: Wedding Party
·       Animal Judy: Teddy Bear care
·       Fashion Judy: Bunny Girl Style
·       Fashion Judy: Frozen Princess
·       Chef Judy: Triangular Kimbap
·       Chef Judy: Udong Maker – Cook
·       Fashion Judy: Uniform style
·       Animal Judy: Rabbit care
·       Fashion Judy: Vampire style
·       Animal Judy: Nine-Tailed Fox
·       Chef Judy: Jelly Maker – Cook
·       Chef Judy: Chicken Maker
·       Animal Judy: Sea otter care
·       Animal Judy: Elephant care
·       Judy’s Happy House
·       Chef Judy: Hotdog Maker – Cook
·       Chef Judy: Birthday Food Maker
·       Fashion Judy: Wedding day
·       Fashion Judy: Waitress style
·       Chef Judy: Character Lunch
·       Chef Judy: Picnic Lunch Maker
·       Animal Judy: Rudolph care
·       Judy’s Hospital:pediatrics
·       Fashion Judy: Country style
·       Animal Judy: Feral Cat care
·       Fashion Judy: Twice Style
·       Fashion Judy: Myth Style
·       Animal Judy: Fennec Fox care
·       Animal Judy: Dog care
·       Fashion Judy: Couple Style
·       Animal Judy: Cat care
·       Fashion Judy: Halloween style
·       Fashion Judy: EXO Style
·       Chef Judy: Dalgona Maker
·       Chef Judy: ServiceStation Food

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