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Full Review of Xiaomi Mi Ear Headphones Pro HD



You will get the bunch of documentation which tells us that these work best with charming Smartphones and not as well as iPhone. You also get three additional tips extra small, small and large and the medium tips are already on the earphones. So basically you will get the overall four ear tips. The cable is easy, tangled, so you have to take care of the cables for the extended usage. The cable organizer is something that will help you to prevent cable tangling. You will have the bunch of options on how to carry them.

Build Quality

Now talking about the build quality of the earphones they made out of aluminum and are well made. High-quality materials and they’ve gone through over 700 types of testing came charmingly. The outer exterior shell is zircon blasted and has a hardness about 6mu which is extremely hard. So, your earphones are not get damaged or scratched ver easily. What’s also interesting is that the remote control, as well as the 3.5mm headphone jack, also are wrapped in same material giving it a consistent look throughout. The cable is Matt in color so it’s not shiny or glossy and it is extremely stretchable made out of TPE. It also makes the cable easy to tangle, and that is something that you need to be very off.


Now the difference between the earphones Pro and earphones Pro HD is that it has HD audio. So before we get into the kind of sound let’s talk a little bit about the specifications. Now the earphones way in a total of 17 grams making them extremely lightweight. The cable is 1.25 meters in length, and the only color they are available in is the silver color. You will get the rated power of 5 milliwatts and a speaker impedance of 32 ohms which is pretty good along with the sensitivity of 98 decibels. The 98 decibels is good decent sound level. They have the frequency response range from 20 to 40 thousand Hertz. It supports HD audio then these earphones make a lot of sense.
Audio Quality
If you have the Xiaomi Smartphone, then it can support HD audio. Now if you have the Xiaomi device then you assign to do the specific task to the buttons. You can also download the third party apps that allow you to do that. As far as the audio profile is concerned the soundstage is extremely wide. You will get the much clearer sound made you turn on HD audio. The music just uplifts, and you can listen to instruments that you wouldn’t normally be able to listen. You can use it with the laptop or PC using an inbuilt amplifier or an external amplifier. If your Smartphone does have an inbuilt deck or inbuilt support for HD audio these earphones are something that you should consider.
Why Consider it? 
Xiaomi Mi Ear Headphones has a slightly higher level bass if you not use it on the HD audio profile. Now with HD audio, this sound profile fits mostly all genres of music. As these earphones are very lightweight, you won’t have an issue wearing them for longer periods of time. The Xiamoi Mi in ear headphones has wide usage ability which makes them extremely versatile. You can use them with HD audio or without and they have overall good sound output concerning volume and in terms of quality of sound. They do have an included mic as well so for those who are interested in making calls can do. So finally we will tell you that you can go for the Headphones. This is going to be the best, and you can add HD made if you have Xiaomi Smartphone.

Xiamio Ear Headphones

Hey! Guys today we’re going to be reviewing the new Xiaomi Mi Ear Headphones Pro HD. Technically they are earphones, but earphones Smartphones are also headphones, so I guess it’s alright. They cost rupees 1,999 the starting price and then eventually the company claims that they will be sold for 2,199. So, unless you bought them in the first sale which is now over. If you are considering to buy earphones or headphones worth 2,000, then you can go for it. The Xiaomi Mi ear headphones somehow look like apple sort of design.

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