Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Reviews of Airdroid APK For MAC and Android

 Airdroid APK is a free app that allows you to operate your Smartphone from PC. You can manage your Android from your PC by using the WiFi connection. The Airdroid lets users send text messages from your Android through your PC web browser. Control your Android from PC with the help of using wifi networks. Airdroid for Mac also works same, and you can get the free app for iOS also. It is the newest and best way for you to access your Android device from your Desktop or Laptop computer.

Airdroid helps you to manage Android from your PC through Wifi connections. Remotely access your device by the web browser. Airdroid is one of the handiest apps to manage your Android from your PC. Many technology companies recommend Airdroid such as PCWorld, XXXDA, Client and much more.

Download – Airdroid Free APK Download

Today we will discuss a lot of features of Airdroid APK for Mac and android.

Delight Your Multi-Screen Life

Airdroid allows you to manage your Android phone from PC wirelessly for free. If you want to Access your device from PC Remotely, then it can be done by Airdroid. You can work on both either on your PC or on your Smartphone.

SMS and Calls

You can focus your Smartphone calls, apps notification, SMS on a large computer screen. The feature provides the more user-friendly environment to work.


It is the biggest problem-solving issue for most of the people. Airdroid helps you to use your apps like Whatsapp, WeChat, and Line on your big computer screen.

Access Android

You can manage your android from PC with full physical Keyboard and control with a mouse. No need of wire to transfer the data only connect to the Internet and go for the media transfer.

Find Smartphone

This is a fantastic feature for all of them who wants that their Smartphone will never be lost. I think all of you want that your Smartphone should not be lost. So by the Airdroid, you can locate your phone when lost. It is an incredible feature for users.

Play Music

You can Play music from the music panel to use your Android device as a Jukebox. Party Hard with your friends, just search for the music and play it simply amazing. The app also allows us to manage Ringtone but separately from the Ringtones Panel. Airdroid helps to transfer music files from your device, and you can also transfer from PC also.

Managing APPS

Manage your apps simply from the APP Screen of your device. You can view your Android installed apps and also you can search for specific apps, sort by name, size or installation date.
Use the Uninstall button to remove an application or by Export button to download it as an APK file to your computer.
One thing you all have to remember is every time you confirm app removal and installation you have to tap the option on your Android’s Screen.


Airdroid for mac and android will help you to record Snapshot with only one click. No need of Root is required. You can also Send and Recieve SMS, and manage your contacts from the desktop.
Boost Smartphone
Boost your Smartphone by clearing your memory. You just need to erase the memory and boost your Smartphone.

Back and Sync

The most common and the most helpful feature is Backup and Sync. Allows to backup our data and save and can be used whenever needed.

Final Words

The last words for Airdroid – Remote Access Android from PC helps to access your Android device from your PC. The application helps you a lot to manage your phone from PC. Frankly, speaking the Airdroid APK is the best app which I have found very helpful to manage your Android. You don’t need any root access which is pretty impressive for almost every user who wants to maintain the device. Apart from that Airdroid also sometimes lags which is the big reason why people don’t like it.
It is slow, but you are eligible to manage your photos, SMS, contacts, and many things. Connection lost is the big problem if you are using slow running Internet. So, better to use WiFi connection to manage your Android from PC. Hence, I will recommend you Airdroid for MAC and Android. It is very useful apps for almost everyone you just can’t hate this because it gives remote access to your Android

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