Thursday, 8 June 2017

Google Lens –A technology of the future know about it here

The google is taking quite aggressive steps to make firm impact on AI company, it has start making virtual assistant, virtual reality, and many gadgets, to create a great stature for itself. Recently, google’s CEO Sundar Pichai announced a new product called- THE GOOGLE LENS that create a large change in interface ,that is going to change the whole views of searching and navigating internet.
          The Lens is basically a camera which is connected to internet, it essentially  reverse the image search in the google and finds out what’s is in it, i.e. whatever the user of google lens see directly gets into google AI control which help to find out all the realed stuff whatever is present in internet about it.
          The AI powered lens does only stops in finding about this but it take sit much further, lets just you are viewing a restaurant the AI powered lens not only tells you about the restaurant but , it can help you to view the menu and as well as if you want see weather to see the tables are available for you and what hours most favourable for service and what are it’s favourite dishes etc. It’s is a full-fledged search engine starting with your AI powered lens instead of textbox.
The company explains that it is more than just camera, in camera you just look at thing/place, in some smartphone it can tell you little bit about it. But, in Google Lens it takes AI and AR in all new level. It can create a information system which create to educate about the place or thing user is look at. Later in demonstration of google lens  the company show how  it integrated with google assistant  app, the user will able to lauch lens and insert photos into conversion with google assistant, where it can process and contain data.

          In addition Sundar pichai  showed how algorithms can be cleaned up and enhance photo –like you are taking your patner’s picture and any glare or obstacles are coming between it, then the google AI will automatically remove it make it more clear amd appealing, or if you took pic in low light and blurred condition the google will automatically enhanced and less blurry.   
Lens is in a way is a y-version of snapchat and instagram’s AR features- It helps you to understand more about it even with just alook. It pretty good in searching and help create use index of internet knowledge which would in future implementation. It help in abstract level searching in lens , which is big turn in Google. It will eventually make searching internet as fast, natural looking around more interesting . It help fuses real world and real worlds in fun and useful ways.     

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