Friday, 9 June 2017

iOS 11 vs Andriod O: Detailed Features Comparison

iOS 11 Vs. Android O:Who will win the battle?

 The iOS 11 and Android O both will offers users a new and improved mobile experience by integrating exciting new features, design and other much needed tweaks.
Apple disclose iOS 11 developer preview at its recent Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). In contrast Google had showcased the second preview of Android O at this year’s I/O conference in May.
Apple and Google maybe saving even more software revelations for the “iPhone 8” and “Google pixel 2” phones
The best additions aren’t strictly tied to iOS or ANDROID at all.
Here’s a look at where Apple and Google are pulling ahead, and where they’re falling behind


Pictures in Pictures (PiP) Mode-

Android O shrink a video into a floating thumbnail so you can keep an eye on it while you do other things (called Picture-in-Picture). They make phone more useful unlike iOS, Android 8.0 users can play music from the phone to multiple speakers with the sole constraint they should be chrome cast compatible.

Peer to Peer payment system


Apple’s ios 11 wins the battle with its iMessaging app powered by the latest apple pay feature. Through this users can send money in Apple pay through chat, provided the person on the receiving end also uses the company’s mobile payment system. (This android lacks on all phones).

Voice assistant

 Google Assistant(and Google voice search) goes a step ahead of Apple’s Siri by eliminating the need to touch the display Android device using a physical switch which allow users to control(called Google Lens).
Thanks to its innovative enhancement. On the contrary, Siri looks out-dated with no updates popping out for the digital assistant from the world.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

    Android seems miles ahead of ios in terms of advancements made in the AR and VR area. Google daydream feature tilts the VR battle in favour of android. But, Google’s Tango project is still slow to get underway. If Apple makes good on a rumour that the iPhone camera capturing the AR market .it could leapfrog Google progress.

Design improvements

     Apple has redesigned iOS 11’s lock screen, Control Centre, siri interface and app store. Android 0 has a few visual tweaks here and there, but not to iOS’ scale.

New AI (artificial intelligence) features

    Google nailed it with the new AI- powered features on Android O such as copying a Wi-Fi password when you focus the camera.
Apple is yet to integrate its AR technology.

Proactive operating system

   Android O could run much faster quicker than apple’s iOS 11. It is more proactive in operating system and it uses an open source code, unlike Apple’s iOS 11 which is closed. Consequently its operating system is less proactive.

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