Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Metro new game released by Deep Silver ,Metro: Exodus will be launched for all the platform by 2018

Metro :Exodus is the 3rd part of the installment. The previous part of this game Metro: Exodus Stars Artyom, which show he is fleeing the ruins of Moscow with a group of survivors.

                Now this game span no-linear levels, will give you “sandbox survival experience” with players exploring and the story that span entire a year. The game demo shown in Xbox shows a great futuristic possibilities for gaming field environment. The game was originally released 4 years ago. The executive producer John Bloch says it is their most ambitious project.

The story start where the the last installment of the game ended. In this part player eventually leave  Moscow  and now embark post-apocalyptic journey across Russia .

In press release the star  Artyom is accompanied by the survivors. The survivor will board Auora , a heavily modified stem locomotive, in their research to live in the earth.

It’s has ability to travel and really explore the world with help of the Auora.Players will finally get to see the whole post-apocalyptic world rather just Moscow.

The Sandbox Survival experience form the previous game will enhanced in this part of the game ,giving player a set of non-liner levels.

With, this game it trying to make a milestone for all the futuristic games to be arrived . It will be added with new settings, new weapons ,items and characters with different environments.

Even with new storyline that tie more linear levels with sand box environment.The overarching storyline try and balance the player requests. The story takes place as the story develop over the years, the season will change .This means unlike previous versions of Metro parts the player will experience summers as well as string in the games. This will effect the challenges  and animals you will encounter according to season developed.

Metro will released for Xbox One ,Playstation 4 and Windows pc in 2018.

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