Thursday, 29 June 2017

Simple Tips And Tricks to Open an Instagram Account Using My Computer !!

Everyone talks about Instagram and is involved in posting images on this app .But some time your family or brother to open your account from your mobile; you want to forget deactivate your account. 

So you want to activate your account from your PC but on the instagram page you cannot find how to do so we will now explain step by step

1.            To create an INSTAGRAM account using PC you must download Bluestacks, a program that an Android Environment on your PC .To do this, go to

2.            You will see two large buttons that say “Download”: Click on the green if you’re using Windows or grey if your computer is a Mac. Follow the instruction to Install the program.

3.            Open Bluestacks by double –clicking the program icon on the desktop or in the applications folders. It takes a few seconds to load.

4.            Next you need to download the app Instagram for Android on the computer.  You can do this from

5.            Double click on the apk file that you just downloaded. It will be installed automatically on Bluestacks and will appear directly in your directly in library. Search for “Instagram” in the Bluestacks search box ad click twice on the icon. You opened the app!

6.            In the Instagram app open on your computer, two options appear: Log in, for those who already have accounts; Sign up to open a new one. Choose the latter.

7.            Fill out all fields required to open an instagram account, choose a profile and click the big green button “Sing Up”. You just open up an account o instagram from your computer!

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