Wednesday, 19 July 2017

How to Get Great Ideas for Your Blog Post

If you are a blogger and you regularly update your blog, you have growing fan following then you must them with great content.  But, how would you generate such great post ideas daily?

Many times blogger feels that they are in lack of post ideas.

Fortunately, there are many simple and efficient ways by which you can get good blog post ideas daily and keep your readers engaged.

These ideas do show good results and they help you keep blogging especially when you cannot leaves blogging as it is your source of income. When are covering these effective tips and generating blog ideas one by one.

 1.            Join Online Forums

There are a number of popular forums where people actively visit. Join as many forums or visit them regularly.

See what the most common questions are or what the common problems are.

This way you will get to know what people are looking for and the stuff that people are unable to find on other blogs. This way you will get more followers and readers.

2.            Get Feedback from your Readers, Interact with them

Encourage your readers to leave comments of provide feedback to your on your existing posts. This will help on your to know their views. 

For example, they can tell you that they find this thing missing in the post or loyal readers can tell you that they want an article on this topic or problems.

This will help you to get more insights into your reader’s needs. You can then write posts that your readers are looking for.

Provide email address where you can accept feedback or suggestions. Reply to comments regularly

3.            Subscribe to other great bloggers and publications of your  ecological niche

This way you will not only keep yourself updated with what’s new and what’s trending but also learn many things from their experience.

Follow inspirational bloggers on social media accounts and notice their activities.

When you are visiting article of your ecological niche then read the comments section also. You can understand what problems those readers are facing so that you can solve them in your future posts.

This is a great and very effective way of getting regular ideas to keep blogging.

4.            The Blog Post Ideas Generator

There is this tool in the internet known as The Blog Idea Generator that can help you generate good blogging ideas.
This tool will help you when you are unable to think of any suitable topic for your blog.

You can also submit your ideas to help other bloggers.

5.            List Down your ideas

How many times it happens that you are visiting supermarket or going for coffee and you get a wonderful blog post idea.

It happens to me a lot of time but when I am actually trying to think of good topic to write on, I am unable to come up with any single one.

So, list down your blog post ideas at one place. You can use your smartphone to save all these ideas or make small notes so that you can remember them in future. There are a number of note taking apps.

       6. What’s trending on Social Media?

Social media is a great way of finding what the most trending topic is around. Twitter seems to be most effective way of finding trending things.

Follow famous blogger or publication and read their tweets.

We hope these ideas will help you to keep growing your exiting blog. However, always start a new blog on the topic of your interests.

Blogging is a long time commitment so don’t start it with a niche that you have no interest in. write post on topics of your interests and then only you can make it successful

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