Saturday, 8 July 2017

How To Save Google Maps Offline

If you ask me which Google product I love the most, I will answer 
without second thought- Google Maps, or simply known as Maps. Many times, I was shocked, with no idea where to go and often I wanted to find where nearby ATM was and to find the better Hotel in the newly-landed area. In these entire situations, Google Maps helped me a lot and keeps me helping every times I go to Un-familiar place.

We hope this different in your case either. It is undisputed fact that Goggle Maps is quite useful in our Day-to Day life.

It’s all good until a certain point-When you lose your internet or connection. Right from that moment, Google Maps came with the idea of offline Maps! Yes, you hear me right – you can access on offline version of Google Maps if you save it in the right manner- even when you don’t have single signal? This is what we are talking about. Now, I will tell you how to use Google Maps navigation offline without an internet connection.

Method 1

·                   Search for the area- a city, state or country – you want to save.
·                   You can see a board on the bottom section which shows information about the searched place.
·                   You have to click on the area, upon which it will become full screen.
·                   Tap on “Download”.
·                   Select the area you would like to save for offline use
·                   Tap on “Download” to finish.

Method 2

  •   Open Google Maps.
  •  From the sidebar Menu, choose ‘offline Areas’.
  •  Tap 'on'
  •  Now, choose the desired area and move forward to the further steps

It has to be noted that this feature is available only in the latest version of Google Maps app. In the previous ones, it is possible to save the maps for offline access, but you cannot access features such as directions or searching.  Once you have updated, however, you’ve fully fledged offline navigation without an internet connection. By the way, the offline version of Google Maps becomes active when you don’t have an internet connection, in a fully-fledged form.

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