Thursday, 24 August 2017

7 things you should never share on social media(Facebook, Instagram, Youtube)

Until you’ve been living under a rock, through now you ought to be aware that social media has completely taken over people’s lives.

Be it letting the Sector know where in you’re headed by way of “checking in” on FB, Instagram, Twitter, or posting a pix of the burger you ate with a stupidity has a tag on Instagram.

 But, there are incorporate perils of social media which in the pleasure of sharing stuff, we frequently forget about.You never who’s watching or monitoring your social media activity

So, we have a list of what you shouldn’t share on social media...

1    1- Your Full date of birth

In case you assume that sharing your full of start on Facebook can’t pose a hassle for you, you’re wrong
Exceedingly many people use their date of birth (although no longer in the proper order )as their password of  1 or more account
Whilst you share your date of birth online, you’re giving out records that can show beneficial for hackers.

2-    Your Location

We are starting the plan, however, every so often it wants to need to be done. You can no longer be aware of it, but a person may also just be stalking you. By giving away your location on social media, you’re telling them you're where about literally at the press of a button.

3-Your Address

Why share something extraordinarily private as your address online? It is capacity protection threads and everyone can simply show up at the front door simply because you shared your address.

4-Your phone/mobile number

Social media sites, especially Facebook, are encouraging you phone number. If you are really keen on doing so the least you can do is change your privacy setting to “Only Me”. This way, no one but you will know what your phone number is- and you already know your phone number, don’t you?

5- Vacation Plans

What could go wrong in telling your friends that you’re off to Europe on a girl’s only trip to England? Think again. By disclosing your vacation plans, you are sending out open invites to burglars to strike at your home. You can always post those amazing pictures from the trip once you are back.

6-Anything you don’t want

You went to a college reunion and had a drink one too many. Your friends clicked – perhaps embarrassing –picture and shared them on Facebook or Instagram.

Anything that you don’t want certain people on your friend's list (or even those who aren’t on your friend's list) to see, don’t share it online.
And if a friend of yours has already shared it, then request them to take it down.

7-Too much information about your job

This one is likewise apparent, but we’ll beef up it. You needn’t share too much information about your job; you don’t want to present away what you’re getting done 

Viewers, if you know more things that should never share on social media then give your reviews or suggestions on my comment box and also explain the reasons why??
Thank you

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