Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Some Funny or Cool .WiFi/Hotspot Names

I am here to suggest you some really cool funny WiFi names. Which I am sure you will love to set for your WiFi connections. See my point is when something like WiFi/hotspot plays such crucial role in our lives there is no harm in making little bit fun out of it. So I'll suggest you to :

 SET IT AND WAIT FOR FUN !! Go ahead and have fun...

Funny wifi names

  •      Shameless sucker
  •      Dimwit thief
  •      Rooftop shine
  •      Protected intercom Cex
  •      Stay back bitch
  •      Quit being cheap
  •      This is password
  •      Man and WiFi
  •      Total gear Cex
  •      Bear and Woman
  •      Virgin User
  •      Go back to your daddy      
  •      Simmer down now
  •      Desperate fingers
  •      Rusty jeans
  •      Monster comeback
  •      Appealing eyes
  •      YES you are doggy
  •      Black hear
  •      Jonny depp part 2
  •      Play like an ACE

Dhinchak HINDI wifi names: 

I always had a thing for these dirty wifi names...So if you are also daring to set them up..Just go for it...

  • Dhinchak Sikandar
  • Haveli pe aao kabhi
  • Maska mat maar
  • Chal bey 
  • Baap hun tera
  • sexxy jalebi
  • punduppi
  • Mai Shikaari
  • Ekdam Jhakaas
  • internet choor
  • desi daaru choor
  • Biryaani loveee
  • tezz tarraar mirchi
  • Newton Returns
  • Matlabi duniyaa
  • Saali aadhi Gharvali
  • Gulabi Ankhe teri
  •  Desi Deadpool             
  •  Muh mat maar
  •  Gutter me jaa
  •  Apna kutta sambhaal
  •  Chain band kar
  •  Khoobsurat padosan
  •  Gobar hai tuu
  •  Back BC
  • Rs 20 per hour



Funny WiFi names:

  • Home coming
  • Virgin stripper calling
  • Math sucks
  • Pun the Fun
  • Elite Company
  • Esoteric
  • Trigonometry sucks
  • Lady Sherlock
  • Don't Sneek peak
  • Yes you are Ugly
  • Me Star War                                          
  •  I know your fucking secret
  •   For porn only
  •   xxx...secens
  •   Rain check
  •   sexxy messi
  •   Dad knows everything    
  •   Lady Einstein
  •   WiFi ALERT
  •    rubber leaks   

  • Look under your be                                            

  • Batman upgraded                                                           

  • Guest not welcome                                                
  • get your own network                                                      
  • WiFi not allowed                                               
  • virus free with WiFi                                                          
  • WiFi breakup                                                                      
  • WiFi on the beach                                                               
  • 404 WiFi  error                                                                  

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